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The glorious land of Egypt boasts plenty of sites for the wandering soul. The bustling spirit of the capital, Cairo, whirrs around a medieval core that has remained unchanged since the founding days of Islam. Upriver, Luxor, the site of ancient Thebes, is lined with warrens of opulent burial chambers and boasts some of the most formidable monuments in all antiquity. Further south at Aswan, even more geometrically imposing temples write a testament to the power of archaic gods and omnipotent pharaohs. Out west, Egypt's ocean of sand stretches infinitely to the Sahara, with a handful of oases feeding solitary islands of green. Meanwhile, the deep, crystal waters of the Red Sea lie brilliantly awash in coral, surrounded by an aquatic frenzy of underwater life. In the deserts of Sinai's interior, visitors can climb the mount where God had word with Moses, and spend their remaining days in halcyon bliss at coastal Dahab.

Indeed, there's so much to experience in Egypt that classifying destinations is an almost impossible task. Still, we've managed to group sites into five distinct categories so that you know what to look for when choosing your vacation package.

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City Logo
Surrender yourself to the captivating, mystical vibe of Egyptian cities; home to the Pyramids, the Sphinx and a plethora of museums and architectural masterpieces that lay witness to the grandiose of Egyptian antiquity. The uniqueness of a CITY experience means that you get to witness the authentic traces left behind by successive civilizations over a period of prolific history and culture spanning over five millennia. Shop in bazaar districts, indulge yourself with the authentic tastes of the local cuisine and get immersed in a splendid cultural experience.
Alexandria Cairo
Cruise Logo
Cruise Aswan, Com Ombo, Edfu, Luxor The ultimate touring experience for those avid explorers passionate about everything and anything related to the ancient times. Combing cruising and sightseeing, a CRUISE package is jammed with visits to the ancient monuments, temples and tombs along the banks of the River Nile; the longest river in the world.

Kom Ombo Aswan
Edfu Luxor
Beach Logo
Lay back, relax and soak up the sun. BEACH packages are designed for those serious about their retreats and are looking for hours of fun, fun, fun! Long golden stretches of sand, all-inclusive resorts and a colorful array of flora and fauna underneath the surface of the mesmerizing Red Sea are just a sample of what to expect on your trip. Add to that a sunny year-round climate, and this means that the seaside retreat you've always wanted is right here waiting for you.

Dahab El Gouna
Hurghada Sharm El Sheikh
Marsa Allam Taba
Safari Logo
Say hello to adrenaline rush. The adventurous side to Egypt starts here; right in the rugged terrain of the Sinai Peninsula. SAFARI packages combine the thrilling experience of off-road touring without compromising on the cultural aspect of an overseas vacation. Get to experience one of Salco Travel's trademark safari trips and cap it off with visits to some of the most well-known religious sites in the world, including Mount Sinai.
St.Catherine Nuweiba
Oasis Logo
For those nostalgic for the simpler times amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, a short stay in the middle of the desert ought to do it. OASIS packages give you the opportunity to re-experience unfettered nature as you wonder through oases set against the desert. The simplicity and tranquility of it all will leave you energized and ready once again to face the demands of hectic urban life.
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