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Located in the Eastern Peninsula in Sinai, Nuweiba offers turquoise waters edged by fine, sandy beaches and rimmed by barren, rugged mountain chains giving it one of the most picturesque settings in Egypt. At the same time, shadowed by nearby Sharm El Sheikh and Dahab, Nuweiba beauty lies in its unrivaled tranquility among the resort towns of Egypt. Moreover, its stiff breezes and uncrowded beaches have led so many people to pick Nuweiba as their ideal venue for wind-surfing and diving.
The northern part of Taba consists of a thick grove of palms, a shallow bay and the ruins of a Turkish fort. The well inside the ruins traditionally served as a fresh water source for Bedouins for centuries. Tarabin is known for its lively oriental atmosphere. Along the beach lively outdoors restaurants furnished in Bedouin style with carpets and cushions invite you to lay back and relax and let time pass by.

Into the Desert
Nuweiba is one of the best places in Sinai to arrange camel and jeep safaris into the dramatic mountains lining the coast. Safaris are not only about the ride there; an authentic Salco Travel experience involves much more, including Bedouin dinners by the campfire and stops at local artisan sites.  

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