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Returned to Egypt in 1979 under the terms of the Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty, Taba has the distinction of being the newest territory in all of Egypt. Boasting mesmerizing beaches suitable for plenty of water-based activities, Taba also serves as a crossing point into Israel for overland travelers interested in visiting both countries.
Beach Activities
Vacationing in Taba involves a relaxing stay in one of the many seaside resorts Taba has to offer. Enjoy the year-round sun, turquoise waters of the Gulf of Aqaba and some of the finest eateries in Sinai.

Taba-Nuweiba Coastline
The stunning coastline between Taba and Nuweiba is surrounded by aqua waters and rimmed by chains of mountains. Lined with plenty of simple beach camps and authentic reed huts, the coastline to Taba provides an ideal opportunity for those yearning to slow things down and to spend some quality time with an array of nature-loving travelers from all around the world.

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