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Internationally referred to as the "City of Peace", Sharm El Sheikh is exactly that; an international beach hub drawing in different people from the ends of the world. White sandy beaches and crystal blue waters contrast with the surrounding desert terrain of the Sinai Peninsula. A similar contrast can be seen between the laid-back seaside lifestyle and the vibrant nightlife of the cosmopolitan city. As such, expect to enjoy the magnificent coral reefs of which Sharm El Sheikh is renowned for, as well as state of the art golf facilities, resorts, casinos and nightclubs.
Shark's Bay
Considered a premium snorkeling spot on the coastline, visit the famous Bay for a day of mesmerizing views of underwater sights including the Gordon and Laguna Reef, and the Louilla ship wreck. Nearby restaurants offer a fresh selection of the finest seafood you can ever enjoy.     

Sharm El Maya
The old town bay area of Sharm El Maya boasts a picturesque landscape of small fishing boats and a natural harbor. Lined with palm trees, the shoreline hosts plenty of modern, luxurious hotels as well as authentic housing in the older town area.

Na'ama Bay
Boasting a beautiful paved walkway lined with shops, restaurants, bars and cafes, no visit to Sharm El Sheikh is complete without a leisurely stroll down the popular Na'ama Bay.   

Ras Um Sid Cliff
A steep cliff top linking the bay of Sharm El Maya and Na'ama Bay, Ras Um Sid is famous for its coral reefs and breathtaking sights of the coastline.

Ras Mohamed
Situated near Sharm El Sheikh, Ras Mohamed is Egypt's first marine national park and is without doubt, one of the best diving sites in the world. Besides being the habitat of an especially rich and diverse marine life, Ras Mohamed is also home to many terrestrial species as well, including foxes, gazelles, reptiles, ibex raptors and migratory birds.

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