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A glittering gem set on a golden shore, Hurghada has plenty to offer; from beautiful beaches to a thriving city centre bursting with energy.  Hurghada today has become the foremost tourist destinations of the Red Sea coast and an international center for water sports, wind-surfing, sailing, deep-sea fishing and snorkeling. Also, as one of the world\\'s top diving destinations, Hurghada offers visitors the chance to explore the depths of the Red Sea and witness the magnificence of the coral reefs. Have no previous diving training? No worries; certified diving centers here are aplenty. Once you start craving city life, take a leisurely walk down the street bazaars or enjoy any of the lively nightclubs, bars and dining venues available in the city.
Beaches, Snorkeling and Diving
Hurghada's chilled out beaches are known to soothe body and soul, thanks to year-round sunshine and clear blue waters. The resort has managed to turn itself into a leading Red Sea destination by offering travelers unique water sports facilities. Sailboarders, yachtsmen, scuba divers and snorkelers are guaranteed blissful times off the shore of this international aquatic hub.     

City Stroll
Hurghada has the unique advantage of accommodating both beach and city lifestyles simultaneously. A change of scenery is a few minutes away as many travelers enjoy casual walks in the city. Downtown (El Dahar) is the old part; Sakalla is the city center, and El Mamsha (Village road) is the modern part. Be sure to check the town's largest bazaar in the Downtown area. 

Hurghada has garnered an international reputation as the Red Sea's premium host of nightspots. Partygoers will love the vibrant clubbing scene spread across the length of the city, while those looking for less vigorous pastimes can enjoy the many fine eateries, pubs and cafes scattered by the Hurghada Bay.   

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