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Come here for an astoundingly enticing combination of humble nature and resort sophistication.  Embrace yourself for an inspiring fusion between boutique hotels and upscale restaurants, and backpacking campgrounds spread on long beaches. Enjoy your time in Dahab (which translates to gold in Arabic, in reference to its stunning coast) by embarking on one of Salco Travel\\'s trademark safaris for an unforgettable experience of the Sinai desert. Alternatively, switch to a camel as your preferred method of transportation, or skip the desert entirely and opt for a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the Red Sea.   

To many people, Dahab is essentially a tranquil ocean-side refuge from the unrelenting pace of the city and the heat of the desert. The possibility of relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun and listening to the soothing sounds of the water is simply an opportunity not to be missed!

Action-Packed Fun
Dahab is not only about slow-paced living. Diving fans will surely be ecstatic with the many memorable diving sites located near the Dahab coastline, including the world-famous Blue Hole and Canyon sites. For those less adventurous at heart, a shallower snorkeling trip can bring the diversity of marine life in front of your eyes without the need to travel to the depths of the sea. Alternatively, take a boat for a leisurely day at sea or partake with the local fishers on a brief fishing excursion nearby. Inland, take a jeep safari for a jam-packed day of adventure in the vast expanses of Sinai desert.    

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