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A cruise on the Nile is perhaps the most enjoyable way to explore Egypt. Whether as a spectacular beginning or grand finale to any stay in Egypt, a cruise offers a luxurious setting amidst the magnificent scenery of the Nile shores. On your way, expect to see two important sites –Kom Ombo and Edfu- offering plenty of awe-inspiring scenes of past glories.
The Temples

Located on a hill overlooking the river Nile, the ruins of the temple at Kom Ombo are among the most striking in Egypt. Unlike any other monument in the country, the temple is dedicated to two deities; to avoid offending the god Sobek or god Haroeris, a dual temple was built, dedicated to both of them. Be sure to check engravings of medical instruments on the walls of the temple and expect to be amazed at how similar they are to those used today.  As for the magnificent ancient Temple of Horus in Edfu, it is the best preserved and most complete of all Egyptian temples. Its stupendous pylons are carved with scenes depicting the glory of the Egyptian Pharaohs and the myth of the great falcon-headed god Horus, who is seen in combat with his enemies.

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