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A haven of peace and relaxation with a delightfully sunny climate, Aswan is an ideal winter resort. Situated on the East Bank of the main gateway to Nubia and Africa, the city was traditionally an important city on the trade route between Egypt and the Southern Territories and continues to be one of the most popular market centers in the country.
The Temple of Philae
Philae was the name given by the Greeks to the island situated at head of the first cataract south of Aswan. The temple was rescued from the rising waters of Lake Nasser and then reconstructed. Dedicated to the gods Isis and Osiris, this "Pearl of the Nile" is a true gem.

The Islands
A picturesque felucca ride takes you gently across the sparkling blue water past Elephantine Island, the lush botanical gardens of Kitchener Island and finally to the West Bank to view the Mausoleum of the Agha Khan.

The Unfinished Obelisk
Abandoned because of flaws found in the partly worked block, the Unfinished Obelisk is the largest known ancient obelisk. While the exact details of the obelisk remain unknown, its discovery has helped Egyptologists understand the stone-working process by which an obelisk is carved, transported and erected.    

Aswan High Dam
The High Dam at Aswan is the world's largest rock-filled dam. Completed in 1970, the Dam as well as its adjacent reservoir, Lake Nasser, represents one the relatively modern attractions in the country. Built to regulate the flow of the Nile water and the annual flooding, the Dam also provides multiple benefits to the economy, particularly in the agricultural sector and in the generation of electricity to meet Egypt's growing energy needs. 

Abu Simbel
Embrace yourself for an unparalleled sight-seeing experience. Carved into the mountain on a gigantic scale are the iconic statues of Abu Simbel.  The breath-taking colossal statues built by the pharaoh to announce that "civilization starts here" are well-known globally and are almost synonymous with Egyptian antiquity. The impressive rock temples are believed to be a commemoration of Ramses II's legendary victory over the Nubians in the Battle of Kadesh.

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